Simplify your school or college management with our all-in-one software solution.


Our comprehensive schools and colleges management software is the perfect solution for streamlining and automating administrative tasks. From student registration and enrolment, to class schedules, grade management, and report card generation, our software has everything you need to manage your institution efficiently.

With tools for communication and collaboration, teachers and staff can easily share information, and with real-time updates, you can always stay informed. Our software is also fully customizable, ensuring that it adapts to the unique needs of your school or college. Upgrade to our software today and experience the many benefits it has to offer.


Our schools and colleges management software offers a variety of features designed to make the daily tasks of administrators, teachers, and staff easier and more efficient. Some of the key features include:

Student registration and enrolment

Automate the process of registering new students and tracking enrolment information.

Attendance tracking

Keep track of student attendance, and generate reports as needed.

Exam Management

Easily track and manage student grades, and generate report cards automatically.

Parent Portal

A portal for parents to access information about their child's education, including grades, schedules, and other information.

Reporting and analytics

Generates various reports and tracks key performance indicators

Library management

Manage the school or college library, including cataloging and tracking of books and other materials.

Real-time updates

Keep track of everything happening at your school or college in real-time.

Financial management

Keep track of school or college finances, including budgeting and accounting.

Here Are the Top Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does the software handle grade tracking and reporting?

    WINXOL school management software includes a grade tracking and reporting module that allows teachers to enter marks, calculate final grades and generate progress reports, and report cards. This feature can help schools improve the accuracy and efficiency of their grade reporting process.

  • WINXOL school management software includes an attendance tracking module that allows teachers to mark students present or absent, and generates reports on attendance trends. This feature can help schools identify students who are consistently absent and provide support to improve their attendance.

  • WINXOL provides a parent portal that allows parents and guardians to view their child's information, such as grades, attendance, and assignments. This feature can help improve communication and engagement between the school and parents.

  • we should provide ongoing support and maintenance for the software, including customer support and a dedicated customer service team that is available to help schools with any issues or questions they may have.

  • Software includes a fee collection and financial management module that allows schools to track student fees, generate fee challan, and manage financial transactions. This feature can help schools improve the accuracy and efficiency of their financial management process.

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