Our expert software developers provide a top-notch custom software development service to the world’s leading enterprises and companies across industries. We offer a matrix structure that ensures redundancy, continuity, and maintenance of the required quality standards in the delivery processes.


As a custom software development company, we offer a wide range of technological software development services across a range of business domains to meet your specific business needs.

Our dedicated architect team can provide due diligence, auditing, and solution design. The delivery organization will enable to maintain, retain and transfer the knowledge base for each project. WINXOL’s robust recruitment organization will allow us to attract and retain the top talent from the market and ensure high quality of project execution.

Industries We Support

We can help you create new custom software solutions, improve existing solutions, modernize legacy systems, and integrate new systems with existing ones.

Textile Industry

ERP automates textile process and calculates the estimate of raw materials required, cost that is brought to owners, and expected revenue from the transaction. Additionally, to enhance the brand value, it keeps a check on the quality of raw materials. For this reason, it provides real-time information to business owners.


WINXOL has been getting increasingly popular ever since remote learning became famous. It offers benefits that physical learning does not, which is why institutes and students are opting for e-learning solutions in many parts of the world.

Real Estate

WINXOL has a holistic, agile development approach. We develop technology solutions that are not packed with features but deliver actual value to the end-users and help achieve the business objectives. The real estate industry challenges are different, requiring a totally unique course of action.


Ecommerce markets are booming worldwide, helping the masses reap benefits with much effort. Now you can increase conversion rates through digitalizing, with or without brick-and-mortar businesses. We at WINXOL, build ecommerce solutions that function seamlessly for you and the end-users and help you gain unlimited advantages of digitalization, from quality lead generation to the consumer experience.

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The ERP system assists poultry farms, hatcheries and integrators in the poultry sector in maintaining insight and acting on data, so that you can make informed decisions more quickly.


Hospital management software offers patient-record management, physician management, and medical billing features, giving you the ability to manage both financial and administrative tasks using a single system.

Trading Industry

Trading software facilitates the trading and analysis of financial products, such as stocks, finance and sales


Solution for every type of restaurant or food business whether it’s a fast food point, bar, a franchise, or a dining setup. Our restaurant software features can be customized to match your needs.

Why Choose WINXOL

We enable global organizations solopreneurs and startups to established corporates to achieve competitive advantage. All our digital strategies, covering MVPs to large-scale product development, aim to deliver strong engagement and business value.

Our values and vision make us who we are a full-cycle custom software development company prioritizes impact. We value transparency and stay supportive round the clock for all technical and non-technical aspects of every project we undertake.

To ensure we exceed our commitments, we have established a software company that houses the most acclaimed engineers, development specialists, and business strategists.

Here Are the Top Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is custom software development?

    Custom software development is the creation of tailor-made digital solutions meeting the specific needs of a business or audience. Businesses invest in custom software development solutions for personalization, cost-effectiveness, robust security and reliability, continuous support and maintenance, flexibility and scalability, and seamless integration. Unlike the off-the-shelf softwares mainly developed for the mass market, custom softwares are crafted to address particular user preferences and business needs..

  • The cost of custom software development depends on various factors, including your project’s scope and complexity, besides other factors including:
    Software type and the number of platforms supported (web, desktop, and mobile) Number and complexity of the features added Custom design uniqueness Number and complexity of integrations with other systems Infrastructure requirements, i.e., availability, security, performance, scalability, and latency capacity

  • Businesses usually opt for one of the two cooperation models—outsourcing or staff augmentation. In outsourcing, the client assembles a team and completely outsources the project to a vendor. In staff augmentation, the client temporarily acquires a team of expert resources to fill in a project’s skills and gaps. Either way, the client’s preferences, and the project requirements are considered before we suggest what type of collaborative approach best fits their project.

  • Your business requires custom software if:
    You need to speed up your response to customer queries
    You want to send a regular notification to clients automatically
    You have to automate a significant number of operational processes
    You want to diversify your customer engagement and support channels

  • Yes, we offer technical support for custom softwares after analyzing if your tool needs further upgrades and releases in the future

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